Do you need industrial machines? Hoping helps you!

It is known that today, the washing machine is no longer a luxury. Many people have a washing machine for the simple reason that it greatly relieves their work in the household, not having to waste their time washing their linen (pillowcases, sheets, towels), etc by hand. But in HoReCa (restaurants, hostels, hotels, clubs, cafes) and hospitals things are different, because cleaning is very important.

Do you need industrial machines

In hotels, hostels, restaurants, hospitals, bedding is changed and washed almost daily because hygiene rules are very strict. For example, in a hotel or hostel, the bedding is changed after the release of each room. It happens that some tourists stay only one night in a certain place, and in this case, the linen is changed daily.

For restaurants and cafes, napkins and tablecloths are stained almost daily. For everything to look impeccable, they need to be replaced very often. Therefore, restaurants and boarding houses need industrial washing machines to successfully meet the need for cleaning textiles.

Horeind is helping them. With over 15 years’ experience on the profile market, it offers its clients the most diverse solutions and services in the field of professional cleaning and cleaning. The company offers the guarantee of bed linen, underwear, tablecloths, drapes, pilings, bed covers, giving them a soft texture and a pleasant smell. At the same time, Horeind is an important supplier of industrial washing machines.

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