Baby trolleys – Which is best for a newborn?

After nine months of mouth-to-mouth waiting, the most beautiful time has arrived: the bees have come to the world and are ready to start in the adventure of knowledge and exploration. The arrival of a child in the world requires a lot of parenting training, including choosing the right baby carriage . Many parents have difficulty buying the right stroller, as there are so many models of baby strollers , and most parents do not know how to make the right decision.

Baby trolleys - Which is best for a newborn?

Types of baby strollers

Before buying a baby carriage , keep in mind that in the first few months, babies can not sit in a vertical position. That’s why the most appropriate solution for you would be a crib carriage in a horizontal position where the little one can rest quietly. The right cart for a newborn is one in which the little one can sleep. You can choose a classic baby carriage that supports a baby cot in which the child will sit in a horizontal position or a landoulet that can be detached, making it possible to switch the carriage with the car or climb stairs with it. Baby trolleys type 2 in 1 will give you the opportunity to keep your baby lying down, But they can also be placed in a vertical position, for when the beggars will get used to sitting. If you would like a trolley with several variants, not just horizontally or vertically, then probably a 3 in 1 baby trolley would be the best choice for the baby. This type of trolley contains three pieces: a horizontal, crib-shaped support where the baby can sleep quietly, as it is very comfortable; Is perfect for long walks or for days when you have a lot to walk and you do not have to leave with your child; Then the 3 in 1 stroller has a vertical stand that is good for when the child learns to sit and does not want to sleep. So he can look quietly around him and watch what’s going on. Not least, The three-piece stroller comes with a car seat that can be fixed in both the stroller and the car. The main advantage of this type of chair is that you can save money without having to buy another car seat for the little one; Another advantage is that when the baby is asleep and you need to move it out of the car into a trolley or carriage in the car, it does not need to be awakened or disturbed.

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