Adhesive parquet, the best solution for bonding the parquet

If you’ve decided to change your flooring or if you’re laying parquet for the first time, you need to be very careful about the kind of parquet adhesive you’ll be using. There is a wide range of adhesives in the trade for bonding the flooring, so you only have to decide what parquet you will buy to buy the specific adhesive because each type of parquet can only be glued with a certain adhesive. Before acquiring a specific adhesive, you have to document yourself very well to know what features the adhesive has and what types of parquet can be glued.

What should we know about a parquet adhesive?

In the beginning, the characteristics of the adhesive must be known. These can be solvent-free or solvent-based adhesives that are fast-setting or have a longer hardening time, which have a very high soldering strength and are easier to detach. An important feature is also pollutant emission that differs from one adhesive to another. In commercial, most adhesives are formed by combining two components: the adhesive and the hardener.
Depending on the features it has, a parquet adhesive can be purchased at a lower or higher price. The most expensive one has superior characteristics, so the recommendation is not to compromise quality because in the meantime unpleasant surprises can occur such as: the delamination of the boards, the curving of the parquet, etc.
Adhesives are chosen for both parquet type (laminate, solid wood, laminate, bamboo) as well as parquet traffic (low, medium or heavy traffic). And the hardening time is very important in choosing the adhesive, with shorter periods being preferred.

Packaging of these substances is made in plastic boxes

Performing the gluing operation with parquet adhesive
Before you start applying the adhesive, the substrates must be thoroughly dried, cleaned of dust and dirt, paint, wax or other deodorising substances. The substrates must be perfectly flat and must withstand traction and compression. The rooms where the gluing is done must have the windows and doors installed so that moisture from the outside does not penetrate the substrates, which could affect the properties of a parquet adhesive.
Of particular importance is the choice of the spatula used to stretch the adhesive because the trowel blade is specific to a particular type of parquet. The thickness of the applied film also has an important role in strengthening and drying the adhesive; Too much or uneven thickness leads to increased curing and drying times. The support on which the adhesive is applied must not be defective, it should not be empty and it must be perfectly planed. Before applying the adhesive, if necessary, the support is sanded.

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