The pressure pump, You must have for any car wash

The pressure pump, You must have for any car wash

All hand-operated car washes feature cold water pressure equipment. The importance of operating these equipment is major, and the type of pump group, including the pressure pump and the technical characteristics of all pressure equipment specially designed for cold water, depends to a great extent on the proper functioning of your laundry.
The pressure pump

What is a special pressure pump for a car wash?

A pressure pump is the best solution for car washes, industrial halls, workshops where mobile equipment is impossible to use due to lack of space. Such a pressure pump for car spraying is very easy and it does its job well.
Among the technical characteristics of such a pressure pump we must remember a very powerful engine and a working pressure that varies. Water flow and variations per minute also vary. It is equipped with an electric box equipped with a protection system and pressure regulating valve.
Optional accessories of such a pressure pump include the high pressure hose that can reach 10 m, remote control lance, a working time control device, sand kit, rotojet, kit for cleaning and stripping pipes and Channels, sparkling lance, pressure lance for TIR car wash, quartz sandblasting kit and gaskets.

Where do I buy a high-pressure pump?

The superior quality high pressure pump can be purchased from S & M STEMI CLEAN. This company, this online store in Jilava offers you different models of such pumps as your car wash needs. All you have to do is contact the S & M STEMI CLEAN team, ask for details, purchase advice and buy knowledge.
S & M STEMI CLEAN sells a wide range of machines so much needed for car careers who understand that for a car driver who loves the car the exterior appearance of the car needs to be impeccable. After all, every driver is to see his dirty car, full of dust, mud, snow or salt on the road during the winter. So if you have a car wash investing in machines, and the satisfied customer will come back to you again and again.
In addition to pressure pumps and other equipment for your car wash, S & M STEMI CLEAN also offers installation services for these machines. It is absolutely necessary that they are properly fitted to give you maximum efficiency, and to this end you will need a professional team with many years of experience to carry out a montage like that. The S & M STEMI CLEAN staff is qualified for this kind of service and is authorized, and besides assembling will help you with maintenance of the equipment as well as with troubleshooting services.
Complete solutions, from A to Z, you can all benefit from the collaboration with S & M STEMI CLEAN team. The qualified, serious, experienced staff is always at your disposal!

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