What you need to know about installing Baia Mare solar panels

What you need to know about installing Baia Mare solar panels.

When it comes to rustic fireplaces , Stelcotech in Bucharest is the right choice. This wood fireplace importer has over 10 years experience in the field and not only offers you an alternative to the heating equipment you find on offer nowadays, but also gives you the opportunity to focus Aesthetic appearance and maximum comfort, both physically and mentally. Also, we must remember and that is the sole importer Stelcotech our homeland in the land of famous brands of fireplaces Arcadia and Mull, made in Italy and Hungary, leading products recognized for their value worldwide. With Stelcotech you will also enjoy expert advice to make the most inspired choices, but also a qualified team that will help you with any problem you have come up with.

Stelcotech’s seminal benefits

The rustic fireplaces are ideal for cold winter nights, but also for those who love the traditional, natural materials and a home with a lot of warmth with a tendency to comfort and relaxation. Thus, rustic fireplaces:

1. They are suitable for residential dwellings, chalets and holiday houses located in the mountains, the general appearance of these fireplaces fit perfectly with the ambience. Decorating elements include brick, stone, wood, limestone and small details that make each fireplace part of a unique, original piece;
2. Use wood as a fuel, a material that is found to be bought at a good price, an environmentally friendly material that will allow you to be environmentally friendly and not pollute, but it is personalized depending on where it is located ;
3. Close attention is paid to the finishes so that the aesthetic appearance is lasting;
4. The heating power is great if you choose the right focus depending on the surface to be heated. Traditional fireplaces are open for outbreaks

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